Know who is Nick Jonas, Bollywood's "desi girl" Priyanka Chopra's heart -

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Know who is Nick Jonas, Bollywood's "desi girl" Priyanka Chopra's heart

Know who is Nick Jonas, Bollywood's "desi girl" Priyanka Chopra's heart

Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are gaining headlines about the news of their engagement. Their days were viral on social media. Not only this, Priyanka has backed out Salman Khan's "India". Behind which is the reason behind marriage with Nick. By the way we often share the things related to Priyanka's look on their relation, but today we will tell you some special things about "Desi Girl" Priyanka but not "Videasi Babu" Nick.

Come on, through this gallery, know who is Nick Jonas, on which the heart of Bollywood's beloved girl Priyanka has been floored ...

Know who is Nick Jonas, Bollywood's "desi girl" Priyanka Chopra's heart

Early life

Nick was born on September 16, 1992 in Dallas, Texas, USA. His parents, Dinise Miller and Paul Kevin Jonas, are famous singers. Nick has three more brothers. After the birth of Nick, the whole family shifted to New Jersey, where Nick had just started acting since the age of 7. In today's date, Nick Jonas owns a full $ 25 million.

Know who is Nick Jonas, Bollywood's "desi girl" Priyanka Chopra's heart

These popular films have done work

Nick Famous is American singer as well as a Bindaas actor. He got the first breakthrough from the 3D Concert Experience, which proved to be the sixth most hit concert film of that year. But the Jonas Brothers split after their fourth album Lines, Vines and Trying Times, and Nick created his own separate group Nick Jonas and the Administration.But initially he had to face the flop and after that he turned to Hollywood films and 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam', 'Mr. He appeared in films like 'Sunshine' and 'Last Man Standing'.

Know who is Nick Jonas, Bollywood's "desi girl" Priyanka Chopra's heart

Recognition from this show

Nick's first solo album came in 2007, with 2 million copies sold, as well as a place in the Billboard Hot 100. But special identities were made after the Jonas Brothers came to Hannah Montana Show. After that, he got an opportunity to act in 'Camp Rock' with Demi Lovato.

Apart from Priyanka, she has been with her.

If Nick talked about the affairs till now, then his name has been associated with Famous Singers like Miley Cyrus,In addition to Priyanka, Nick  had 7 girlfriends, with whose relationship their tie up for only 1 year.

1. Nick was first in a relationship with Cruise Miley Cyrus, who was only 13 years old. The meeting with Nick Millie was held at the 2006 Disney Charity event. Both of these relapsed for 1 year in 2007, both of which were broken up.

2. After Milan, Selena Gomez's entry was made in Nick's life. The relation of both began in 2007, then Nick was 15 years old. Their relation also lasted for one year and they were broken in 2009, but even after separation, they met each other and in 2010, both of them patchup again. After this again the tension between Nick and Selena increased and both of them separated.

3. After Selena, Lily Collins's entry into Nick's life. It is said that there was a breakup between Selena and Nick due to Lilly. But Nick had tweeted that he had never been in relation with Lilly.

4. After Lily, Nick takes considerable headlines about his affair with actress and singer Delta Gudrum. Their relationship began in 2012, and after 1 year they were all broken.

5. Hollywood Reality TV star Kim Kardashian's sister Kendal Jenner also has a lot of headlines about Nick Affair. At the same time, with Kendal, their relation did not last long and after 1 year the roads of both separated.

6. Nick is associated with Miss Universe African model Olivia Kalpo after Kendall. Olivia was the first star, with Nick having a relation for two years.

7. After Victoria Olivia, Victoria's Secret in Nick's Life, signed the entry. Their relationship also became a 1 year hiatus and both were broken

There is now Priyanka Chopra's entry in the life of Nick in 2018. It is to see how long the relationship of both of them can last.

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