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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Monster Hunter: World The Most Awaited Game !

Monster Hunter: World

It is pack of action role playing  game  developed and pupublished by Capcom . a part of the  Monster Hunter: World  is released worldwide .the director the game is Yuya Tokuda ,Producers are Hironobu Takeshita ,Shingo Izumi,  Kazuori Inoue.

And the designers are Teruki Endo and Yugo Togawa .And the best programmers are Yuuki Ooi and KOta Fukasawa.
Artist is Kaname Fujioka.And the release date is 26. jan .2108

Now we talk about the game : it is a single player online game in wich you will get many levels .

from the beggining you wll enjoy ,as it is very hard at the higher levels and  more actoin 

Article by Ajay 

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