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Thursday, 3 May 2018

How to earn money from Instagram

How to earn money from Instagram 

First of all you have to make a account 
If you don't know how to open account on Instagram

1.Download the instagraI app & install it in your smartphone or pc. it & make a account ,a page will come like this!

3.Here you can sinsup with your facFaceb account and also you can fill this form.

4.Now it's time to rock ,just login with your password and email and make attractive  
 so,that many people can follow you 
5. You have to increase your followers to earn money  you can do this by many methods you. need to get 5000 followers in insInstag to earn money.

7.after reaching 5000 followers you will get many sponsorship by many brands or you can sign in many websites on internet .

8.the work is only that you have to share their products or post so that they can advertise their products or brand. doing this simple steps you can a good amount of money!.
Post by Ajay Kumar Mahto
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