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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Xiaomi will launch the miA2 on June

As we know  Xiaomi is the fastest growing smart phone company the resone behind there succes is the quality and the price because they fixed a low price for high feature as compare to outher brands now they lounched their new smartphone which name is Xiaomi A2 now we expect something new and great features as they provide us everytime we know that 
Xiaomi has lounched there A1 which has some great feautres like dual cmera with portrait moad and proceser alse vary fast which made the phone smoth and we also faced some problems like worst front cmera we expacting from Xiaomi fix this problem now let's talk about some feauters of A2 has 5.9inch scren stoct rom with 8oreo and they promised we will get 9 after some time it has a great procceser the highlits of that device is that it has dual back and front cmera and it has face lock feture and the expacted price ₹14999 we hope that Xiaomi has fixed all the problems 

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