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Friday, 2 March 2018

Holi top pictures from all states (india)

Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. In recent years the festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colours.[
Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika Dahan where people gather, perform religious rituals in front of the bonfire, and pray that their internal evil be destroyed the way Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu, was killed in the fire. The next morning is celebrated as Rangwali Holi – a free-for-all festival of colours,] where people smear each other with colours and drench each other. Water guns and water-filled balloons are also used to play and colour each other. Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. The frolic and fight with colours occurs in the open streets, open parks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carry drums and other musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance. People visit family, friends and foes to throw coloured powders on each other, laugh and gossip, then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. Some customary drinks include bhang (made from cannabis), which is intoxicating In the evening, after sobering up, people dress up and visit friends and family
From an equally important part of the celebrations, as does drinking thandai laced with bhang

Mythologically and socially also, the two days celebrated as Holi – March 1 and 2 – have great significance. While the first day is also observed as Holika Dahan, signified as the victory of good over evil; the second day, aka Badi Holi/Dhulandi, is said to mark the welcoming of spring and a festival of harvest among farmers. There is also an interesting story of Lord Krishna that’s said to have formed the genesis of the festival of colours.
So, as we all come together to celebrate one of India’s most popular festivals – and one that has formed a huge part of Indian representation in pop culture globally – here’s what’s happening on Holi in the country and around the world.


Vishnu legend  - There is a symbolic legend to explain why Holi is celebrated as a festival of colours in the honour of Hindu god Vishnu and his follower Prahlada. King Hiranyakashipu, according to a legend found in chapter 7 of Bhagavata Purana,

Krishna legend - In the Braj region of India, where the Hindu deity Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated until Rangpanchmi in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna. The festivities officially usher in spring, with Holi celebrated as a festival of love

Here are the top best pictures of all the states playing holi

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